Macedonian Adventures | Part 1

Lake Ohrid

Lake Ohrid

In the beginning of August 2015 the Balkan Vagabondz team headed to lovely Macedonia to meet its future partners & guides, check out some of the adventure terrain and last but not least take part in Climbing Epic Challenge – Mavrovo 2015.

It was the first trip to a country very close to our hearts, minds, language, history and traditions. Needless to say we were very excited to find out how people over the border from Bulgaria see life and experience nature.

After quickly passing through Skopje and a brief stop to meet our friends from Shanti Hostel (a true vagabond place) we headed to Mavrovo National Park.

We spent the night camping by Lake Mavrovo and in the morning decided to check out Ohrid before we get sucked into the art of scaling rock surfaces. After the car ride that took us a little bit under two hours from Mavrovi Anovi, we found ourselves in Ohrid, the historical capital of Macedonia.

It turned out to be this Balkan hidden gem of town filled with history, art and lively streets. Yes, balkan vagabondz usually shy away from busy tourist places but this time instead of the usual commercial fuss something very special uncovered in Ohrid’s picturesque stone-paved cosy street and kind people – a town that seems to have created a perfect balance between urban environment and nature.

Ohrid, Old City

The Ohrid Lake

After exploring the streets we headed to Lake Ohrid’s shores. The experience of bathing and kayaking in its waters is still tickling our senses. There is something peaceful and therapeutic about those crystal clear waters that are always there when you need to relax and enjoy the slow motion of the Balkan universe.

Just 5 minutes on a kayak from the busy touristy part of the shore we discovered a wild rocky beach! Ohrid has it all. On one hand it can satisfy one’s hunger for culture, art, events, cold beer, sweet ice cream and friendly chats with locals especially after a long break with civilization. On the other hand, if it’s too much for one’s peace and nature obsessed character she/he could just jump into a boat and get to a quiet and wild place where time and space seem unnecessary, enjoying the tranquility of Ohrid’s natural gifts and calm waters.

Lake Ohrid, Trpejca

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