~ Happy B-day to us! ~

Balkan B-Day Wish

It’s been one amazing year since the day the founder of Balkan Vagabondz hiked towards Maliovotsa Hut in Rila Mountain, Bulgaria and decided to start the adventure of making a network of like-minded people who can serve as guides and hosts to the adventurous visitors who are lucky enough to reach the amazing Balkan lands.

What happened in our first year?

~ The Balkan Vagabondz’ Timeline | Year 1 ~

| 14th February | 

  • Balkan Vagabodz is born as an idea in Gery’s mind.


| March |

  • The first guide Rus joins Balkan Vagabondz!


| April |


| May |

  • Exploration trips to Vratsa, Rila & Vitosha
  • Website “Accommodation” category launched
  • First blog post published


| June |

  • Urban Adventures page launched
  • Exploration trips to Teteven, Karandila, Ichera, Tryavna


| July |


| August |

  • Exploration trip to Macedonia
  • First Macedonian based guide Dimitar Popov joins the team!
  • Balkan Mountain, peak Chumerna hike
  • Exploration trips to Dryanovo & Tulenovo
  • Launched the events calendar on Facebook


| September |

  • Exploring Veliko Turnovo area


| October |

  • Exploration trip to Serbia
  • Starting collaboration with the Bohemian blog, Darmon Richter joins the vagabondz team.
  • All three Granite Alps articles are now featured on the Balkan Vagabondz’ blog


| November |

  • Exploration trip to Karlovo & Apriltsi


| December |

  • Mute collective collaboration in Sofia
  • Exploration trips to Lakatnik, Bozenica
  • Exploration trip to Bansko


| January |

  • Yoga Retreat Project in collaboration with Snomads


| February |


Balkan Vagabondz’ would like to say one BIG and LOUD THANKS! to everybody who believed in the idea and supported us throughout the year! It’s been amazing journey so far and it will get even more interesting!

~ Our goals for 2016! ~

  • Expand the Balkan Vagabondz network of partners and guides
  • Increase the number of adventures offered by the portal
  • Increase the blog posts related to adventure tourism on the Balkans
  • Be active, happy, creative & travel all the time!
  • Accomplish our first “green action” project!

Balkan Vagabondz B-Day Wish