Analogia Escalada

Rosh Li, Sunset at Monkey Temple, Hampi

Have you been in love?

OK, think again.

Have you really been in love?

Well, not sure about you but I don’t think I have. Have I loved? Of course, all the time. However I don’t think I’ve ever plunged into the depths of unconditional universal love, mastered it and then re-directed towards another human. Yes, powerful stuff I probably would be interested to experience one day.

So what would be to fall in love with another immortal soul? I imagine every time that happens it would manifest as a completely new experience. An experience one would not be able to compare to anything else in the universe. A unique event.

{As I am writing the analogies with climbing start running through my head and the need to share them prevails.}

Climbers rarely repeat the routes they’ve ascended. Once we’ve been there we don’t go back unless it is the only warm up route available at the crag. Like being in love with somebody, climbing a particular route is an experience on its own. Once we know the climb and have linked its parts, have understood it in a way, we move on to another. (Of course that won’t apply to onsighting, which is probably in the category of one night stands.) In fact we can’t wait to move on. We are so excited about learning new movements and adding them to our climbing library. We really do enjoy the process of making new pathways in our minds so we can gradually find out a little bit more about ourselves.

Isn’t it natural to want to evolve? Isn’t it what we came to do?

Next time you find it difficult to be with a lover, a friend, a family member, think about this:

  • Maybe that route you’ve been trying to climb is too hard and you need more practice. Do you want to open it as a project and start really engaging with it?
  • Maybe you have linked it, learned what you needed to learn and it’s time to move on?
  • Maybe it is so hard and the conditions are so bad a retreat would be the best solution until you prepare and get back on it to try again?

Sometimes I go back to routes I have climbed or tried in the past. It is still a unique experience with the difference that I am now able to measure the progress attained.

I wonder if people are like climbing routes? Maybe their spirits are like the ancient rocks we interact with in order to learn about our inner selves.

Rosh Li, Badami, India