Scaling the grades

of consciousness & climbing

Let me guess, you have been introduced to climbing two or three years ago.

Now you are realising that it is your thing:

  • 90% of the people you prefer to hang out with are climbers.
  • Every spare minute you spend at the local climbing gym.

The Power of the local gym

  • Every weekend (if you are not at a wedding) you escape to the local crag. 

Peak District Bouldering

  • The holiday plan is always related to a climbing trip in Spain, France or anywhere in the world where there is good rock and no rain. 

DWS, Mallorca, Isles Baleares

Yep, these are all signs of serious attachment to the good life or in other words you are officially hooked.

Now you are in the phase of desperately trying to adapt your lifestyle to the obsession which makes you happy, healthy and more aware of who you are.

What is in your way? Let me present some of the usual obstacles:

  • The difficulty of changing your identity

So far your identity has been revolving around your achievements in school and at work however the more you climb the more you come to the conclusion that those are product of your conditioning, a type of false choice forced by the need to be accepted, the need of a status, belonging to some trendy group of people who have access to material resources or the approval of family members who live in a 20th century bubble. Tempting at the time, not so much in these new circumstances. Now you have something authentic to identify with, something that is definitely your choice, unaffected by the outside environment, a product of a deep understanding of your true needs. Gradually the search for transformation from conformity to freedom from social bondage and its pretentiousness captures your imagination.

  • Financial security

You have a job you feel obliged to enjoy because of all the years and sweat you invested to receive education and get to a certain rung of the career ladder. At the same time all you really want to do is be outside interacting with rocks and nature-made challenges, surrounded by good friends you can trust. Being away from managers, artificial lights, unwanted work related meetings and corporate hierarchical politics becomes a top priority. Essentially, climbing is helping you realise your enslavement to somebody else’s ideas and ambitions. Naturally you want out.

  • Location

You live in a city, leading a consumerist, super inefficient lifestyle, trying to resist the unethically unfavourable environment by buying unpackaged bananas from the supermarket. To compensate the lack of outdoor scenery you watch climbing films and daydream about mountains during lunch breaks at the office. Basically you are living for the next climbing trip. In the meantime the vibes of the city break your focus. There are too many people and not enough space to the point of feeling suffocated and trapped in a concrete jungle the escape from which is 5 days away and takes an hour in traffic at 6PM on Friday or queuing at fascist-like airport for longer than the actual flight. The guilt about  your CO2 footprint is eating you from the inside but there is no other option. You have only 4 days off and no car. The whole thing does not make any sense but you are part of it…

Is there light at the end of the tunnel? Of course there is and guess what, many people have managed to do the transition. A proof that the whole process is not some immature utopian hope. However it takes courage, recognition of the situation, good plan and open flexible mind full of ideas, imagination and faith!

For all the readers who can relate, stay tuned for some actual practical advice on how to escape the Matrix in the pursuit of climbing happiness.