Scaling the Grades

Unplug, Scaling the grades, Balkan Vagabondz

Remember where we were? Somewhere where the spirit was limited and the body felt uncomfortable. Where the mind was distracted and our mission unclear. For me that place was the city, for others such place can be a village. Those are just details. The question is how do we attain clarity and get ourselves out from a state of dissonance with ourselves and the universe?

Unplug, Scaling the grades, Balkan Vagabondz

There are many ways to do it, here’s some beta for just one:

One of the easiest options is to go somewhere far from your known surroundings. Don’t go home or somewhere for just two weeks. Save up money and create the ultimate adventure, minimum three months is the period you need away from your old reality. (By the way you can do it without saving money but for most people that would be too much to handle at this stage so let’s do it poco a poco.) Go far, feel vulnerable, meet travellers, break from your habits, let go of your fears, accept diversity, read books, fall in love, be disappointed, just be you away from everything you’ve ever known. Remember, minimum 3 months! Muy importante!

Travelling is the best preparation for an ultimate lifestyle change and serves as a tool with which one can purify the mind and stretch the imagination so it can attain the flexibility and authentic images that eventually will lead to connecting with your true self. Once the link is made finding a mission, a calling and genuine direction will come effortlessly. Patience is also necessary but not as painful as one might think, because you will be in the process of enjoying the ride!

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Please note! This sequence of words and thoughts is based on a unique experience. This is not a recipe for success. In fact there is no such thing. Over the period of experiencing life there will be a lot of setbacks, delays, lessons to be learned. Some people are “lucky”, they manage to learn their lessons quickly and move on to the next stage in no time. We all have seen those climbers with inherent focus, positive ape index and mosquito-like motivation. It’s ok if you are not one of them. Maybe you have just chosen a different path, a longer and possibly more scenic one. This is not a race. CLIMBING IS NOT A COMPETITIVE SPORT. Once committed, we are all going to get where we need to be one way or another.

That is why similarly to life, in climbing too we accept the weaker climbers because we know how it felt, we remember. Sometimes we support them, other times we wish them luck and move on to another boulder problem. There are situations where we try to advise them on safe practices and they get offended or uncomfortable but it is our duty to humbly share the knowledge while meeting the need to protect the tribe. It is a question of life and death. It is good to stay connected with the lower levels of experience, it helps us grow too. That is the way people developed over the centuries. They were helping each other. It is the thing lacking from the current social constellation aka capitalist system riddled by competition and it is the main reason why things are being a bit off track in the outside environment. Don’t let the outer factors dictate the rhythm of your intrinsically empathic soul. Stick to cooperation and natural giving and you will find yourself in another reality. That I can promise.

Natural Giving, Scaling the Grades, Unplug, Balkan Vagabondz