Scaling the Grades

Reconnect, Scaling the grades

You’d be surprised how the past can serve as a tool to heal the present and the future.

In this next piece of the series “Scaling the grades” I would like to offer the often overlooked technique of re-connecting to the past as a source of healing and creative energy that one might need in the midst of a lifestyle change.

Re-connect, Scaling the grades

You’ve been on the road for months, in fact you are exhausted of moving around, eating out and repeating the same old intro story that you offer to travellers you meet. Something tells you it is time to go home, the place you grew up…home where you felt happy and safe, home where your grandparents nurtured the light inside of you. Go back and re-connect to your childhood. Climb up the cherry tree and enjoy its fruits embraced by its branches, notice how tiny every object appears in comparison with the times you were a child, feel the magic of a place once taken for granted. Visit your school, kindergarten, think about your teachers, visit them if they are still there. Contact your old friends & relatives. Forgive your parents. Re-establish connection with your roots.

Re-connect, Scaling the grades

I know, some of us were lucky and had an utopian childhood surrounded by love, care and tenderness. Others had traumatic experiences. Either way you will find that acceptance and understanding of the past is one of the best therapeutic exercises one can engage in so he or she can move on.

Yes, a clean slate is vital if you are in the game of finding your true path. Spend as much time as you need paying tribute and attention to the people, culture and community, in other words the environment that shaped you in the beginning of your life. It will help you attain great understanding and inspiration. This act of giving will accomplish the miracle of genuine self-love.

Once resolved and seen from the eyes of the adult the past is clear open making present and future free of burdens, traumas and emotional roller coasters. It is like a personal, experienced-based Vipassana that helps us clear the space for new adventures and free flow of positive creative energy.

After all this one can start asking the questions: What is my mission?, How and what can I give? What is the best way to evolve?

The answers will come. Needless to say one has to be real and honest, committed and fearless.

Climbing makes all these skills possible. The power of self-belief attained through the constant exercise of the will to the point where it serves one’s confidence and makes people achieve great things.

Re-connect, Scaling the grades

  • How giving up is not an option.
  • How accepting defeat is key to growth.
  • How treating climbing partners with respect, empathy and compassion brings peace and balance in your world.

It is a beautiful and extraordinary philosophy away from the armchair… a philosophy that shows one the infinite number of reasons to live and climb to the fullest.