Balkan Vagabondz’ Birthday

Celebrating 2 Years Around the Sun

Balkan Vagabondz. Birthday

Balkan Vagabondz kept evolving for another whole year! No more learning how to walk! We can run now!

It’s been great time of expanding the vagabond network and realising the massive amount of knowledge & understanding that comes our way when we do what we love.

The highlights of last circle around the  Sun:

  • Offering more adventures in Bulgaria, Macedonia and Greece.
  • Blogging about the need of environmental protection in the Balkan region.
  • Developing our guides network.
  • Increasing the accommodation options.
  • Running the first winter trips (Ski, Snowboard and Snowshoeing).
  • Arranging funding for the Bulgarian screening of the Reel Rock Tour 2016.
  • Learning and growing.

We wish ourselves happy and satisfied customers, productive collaborations and the ability to make a difference in the environmental protection missions we have ahead of us.

Many thanks to all the people and friends who support the things we do!