The Beauty of Projecting

Alaro, Mallorca, Isles Baleares


It takes time to realise what redpointing is all about. It must be more than logging names of routes in a personal database for the purpose of measuring progress, right? 

In my experience projecting meant moving from enjoying the diversity of different routes to finding the pleasure in studying the fine details of cherry picked lines. Lines that stand out and hide treasures which help transcend the limits of what one is physically, mentally and aesthetically capable of. That’s right, aesthetics is also part of the game called sport climbing. We are going to make this a dance.

In order to experience climbing’s sacred flow one will need to fine tune her/his body in a way that resonates with the rock. Knowing every move as if it is well rehearsed melody, a melody harmonised to such an extend that mistakes are turned into impressive improvisations. Jazzy.

Another example would be: you’ve managed to link your project and still have energy after clipping the chain. No pump just the ultimate sensation of mastery and gratification beyond words & thoughts. 

Before achieving this flow, before your body is aligned with the specific movements there will be obstacles. Mental, emotional and physical. To overcome those you will need motivation, strong will and eagerness to make changes.

Good belayers and genuine climbing buddies are also a top requirement for pursuing your dream routes. If you want to take it to the next level entering a climbing romantic relationship works wonders too. 

Alaro, Mallorca, Isles Baleares

Sometimes it can be painful and traumatic. You might get injured or risk your life. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. In addition you will eventually gain a certain neuroplasticity which helps solve all kinds of other, unrelated to climbing, life dilemmas. So what I am saying is, it is all worth it!

The longer I play the sport climbing game the more appreciation I accumulate. Appreciation towards the game and the players, the tribe.

Apart from stating how badass sport climbing really is (I used to look down on it as it seemed too safe) I am also communicating something else:

The importance of respecting the different challenging games and how they enrich our lives, knowledge and understanding of ourselves and the world around. In this context adventure sports or anything that requires sacrifice and dedication, anything in which the motivation is not money but exploration for the sake of discovery, creation and sharing, counts. There are many good reasons why people dive deeper into reality, reasons beyond achievement, greed and ego. If you haven’t reached this source of enlightenment yet it’s ok, if you want to get there you will.

This is why I would recommend projecting to all climbers who have been shying away from it. Take the time to learn from the rock, get into the same dimension, follow each of its intricate features, design a shared choreography.

It is there for you, the gift of nature is calling you to co-create together. Give to receive and don’t rush it, you have an eternity.

Alaro, Mallorca, Isles Baleares

P.S. Recently I had the fortune to work on an incredible tufa line. As some of you can imagine, after sending it my mind went into outer space. A sort of a unique and unrepeatable journey triumphing into some kind of a rock climbing orgasm. After being overwhelmed with love towards everything I could wrap my mind around a very clear realisation hit me. I was not alone in this, I felt the connection with my belayer and thought of all the people who came to help me complete this climb. That day I entered the climbing family with my soul.

Inspired by the incredible lines of Alaro, Mallorca, Isles Baleares and all the amazing people who spend their climbing days with me. Thank you!