The Vision

Balkan Vagabondz' future

The purpose of this post is to provide more information on what would be the ideal path of development for Balkan Vagabondz. This will help people who have interest in the project or are considering to join as guides, contributors or partners.

Take it as an addition to our mission statement and an aspiration for the future.

In times where old models crash and burn it’s a good idea to create innovative ways which meet the needs of a new generation with liberated mindset craving to break free from old dysfunctional methods and practices.

Balkan Vagabondz was born out of the understanding that people need adventures in their life and have an innate desire to re-connect with nature. This could easily be matched with the excitement of guides who want to share with others their discoveries, knowledge and experience and transmit the inspiration and happiness they have found. That is the core of our services. The objectives are many but most importantly to help people expand their horizons as human beings living in harmony with the natural world by seeing themselves as part of the planet.

~ The vision ~

Balkan Vagabondz is a collective that aspire to one day become a cooperative that will set in motion a movement of cooperatives which will change the labour relationships we are currently struggling with. For more clarity on what this means please watch this video:

How Capitalism Exploits Us (And What We Can Do About It)

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Posted by Sustainable Human on Saturday, May 27, 2017

~ How does it work? ~

At the moment any guide with experience and interesting ideas about adventures can join by presenting her/his trips on the website. Our job is to promote and sell the programme for which we retain 15% commission. It’s a very simple concept and it has been successful so far.

The secret to expanding the idea would be:

  • To continue attracting guides and partners which will increase site content, popularity and sales.
  • Invest in advertising and start to actively help protect nature with projects, actions and reports on environmental issues.

2-3 years fast forward and the imagination builds a picture of a cooperative organisation, an enormous ethical one stop adventure shop that is a force not only for creating and offering amazing experiences but also a strong network of individuals and groups who are helping each other financially and by exchanging best practices along with collectively protecting their biggest interest – NATURE.

It is important for guides, instructors and adventure sport gear suppliers to feel part of a bigger support group and not figure everything on their own. By uniting forces we can help each other. For example: create training, ethical codes, educational materials and have a strong voice when we need to take a stand and protect our habitat and labour rights. It is also much more fun to work together. For example, creating multi-adventure programmes that can satisfy the new generation of young and old people who don’t focus only on one discipline of action sports.

Unity is a force and if one realises the power it holds he or she would not think twice but join a collective, cooperative and learn from his / her peers. The days of competition are fading away the time for collaboration and collective evolution are starting.

Balkan Vagabondz encourages everyone who shares these ideas and is part of the growing adventure industry to write to us and join or create a movement that will change the rules of the game.