The Beat of NinGaia Festival

The first children’s environmental festival on the island of Mallorca

The purpose of this article is to give a better understanding of the origins, organisation and vision of NinGaia Festival. With clear communication, we aim to attract support and attention as the core elements for building a local community that is willing to put its energy into preparing for the challenges that lie ahead.

NinGaia Festival was born on the Nit de Sant Joan on the island of Mallorca at an event called “Love Sunday” at a venue called Can Dooit. That alone says a lot about it. It was a truly magical moment of peaceful and humorous contemplation about the need for an event where children can be themselves the way we do at events like the “Wake up Dance”, “Ecstatic Dance” and “Love Sundays” and all the other events dedicated to grown-up children. 

As we were dancing under the beats of sweet reggae music the freestyle brainstorming poured into the loving fabric of Can Dooit. It flowed effortlessly buzzing with positive vibes and mini laughter explosions. Our ideas felt like beautiful lotus flowers opening one after another, emerging from the same water source. 

We envisioned an event where children were the focus, where the priority was to let them be, doing our best to understand their needs and development without imposing unnecessary authority. Demonstrating how oneness can empower beings and help solve practical problems. A space where they can raise their consciousness through creative play, self-expression and experience-based activities free from patronising adults. 

After four online meetings (using Zoom) and countless lines of WhatsApp messages we published our first event on social media. Our collaboration so far has been effortless, stress-free and efficient. I am truly grateful to the team for dedicating their energy and expertise and feel blessed to have met them. Things are so simple when people share the same values and have empathy.

The environmental ideas intertwined in the NinGaia concept came shortly after the initial conversations. Addressing the current planetary crisis is inevitable if we want children to thrive and be a force for positive change in the world. The best we can do at this stage empower them and help them feel adequate, show them how to unite in order to solve problems, prepare them for the unexpected changes that might follow. 

“United we stand, divided we fall” – a fact which motivates us to seek community support and mutual help in times of insecurity. 

Human-caused climate change and the rapid loss of biodiversity is the reality we all share. We need tools, solutions and emotional support in order to face all this with dignity. The state institutions, media and corporations are not interested in solving the crisis. There is no point to wait around. Local community action is the only way of having some kind of a chance to do something meaningful about the future of our children. As much as this sounds apocalyptic, it is also very exciting. We have an opportunity to re-imagine the current paradigm. Instead of feeling helpless in front of the facebook feed one has been given the chance to change that feed to whatever he or she wants to see in his/her immediate surroundings. To be one’s own problem solver powered by an entire community of like-minded people who love life and understand what Mother Nature needs.

We believe in community, family-based, inclusive & supportive. With open hearts and minds, we respectfully make available the tools we need in order to realise the unique construct of our progressive ideas. Cooperation, education and action being the trilogy informing the fabric of our NinGaia Festival.

Our starting point is NinGaia Festival. An event that will unite people ready to connect with their authentic selves, free of prejudice and judgement, ready to work towards making things better for others because they know we are all ONE.

In more concrete terms, our first event will open a positively charged and stimulating environment for children of all ages where they can participate in eco-friendly, educational and fun activities, healthy vegan food and the opportunity to dream up together whatever we discover it is needed to find alternatives to the current unsustainable and unfair system.

We don’t know where this journey will take us but we insist it’s worth starting it. Surely we don’t want to be passive observers in times like these.

If you share our values come join us? If you have more values that need to be included, bring them over. If you want to be cuddled by community affection, come to our events. If you can teach us something new, connect. If you have ideas about how to solve problems and make life wonderful for others, we want to listen to you. If you have some extra energy, support us. Whatever you do we are here to tell you that nobody should feel alone in the struggle to push evolution forward.

Some practical initial steps that can help you join:

Follow us on social media

Come to one of our events

Write us a message of support

Give us ideas

Send us positive thoughts

We are one with our children and the planet.

Join us.


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