~ Re-imagining the System ~

A Call for Online Action

Disaster capitalism and how to beat it. Video feat. Naomi Klein

The video above was the trigger for starting a series of blog posts that will address the need for alternative ideas that will make the world a better place for everyone.

This is a call to all communities to use the time given them by nature to re-imagine their system, create a consensus around the ideas and manifest them in the real world.

We have the tools and the time. No excuses. This is once in a lifetime opportunity and if we miss it the consequences will be tragic not only for us but also for the future generations.

~ Step 1 ~

Create online local groups who will dedicate time in re-imagining the current system in order to improve or replace non-functioning institutions, policies and practices. Small local groups who get together on or offline to discuss problems, prioritise and work together to implement solutions which benefit the many not the few. 

Example Problem: At the moment there is a pressing need to help parents adapt to being with their children 24/7 during a lockdown due to COVID19. This is a call for people who have ideas or spare time and parents who would like to explain what their needs are to meet online and discuss ways to help each other. It could be by providing online activities, online teaching, online babysitting anything that makes life easier.

Example Problem: Currently in Spain, people are not allowed to do any outdoor activities even if they are on their own. In the long run, this might create more mental and physical illness than it will prevent and an amendment might be necessary. For example, in France people are allowed to go outside individually to do sports.

If you would like to build support groups and take action please send an e-mail to: balkanvagabondz@systemli.org or with the following details: 

  • Location
  • Expertise/skills
  • Problem or solution you would like to work on

Let’s get organised and form communities using online tools to empower ourselves. We need our voices to be heard. For more agency and presence in the current crisis! 

Suggested technologies

Suggested reading: Mutual Aid by Piotr Kropotkin

Image credit: Polish illustrator, artist, and co-owner of Morski Studio Graficzne Igor Morski


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