~ Creating Working Groups ~

Building Cooperative Networks


In order to achieve any transformative goals as a community, we will need to learn how to make decisions together. In other words, it will be amazing if groups of people get together online and practise consensus decision making and cooperation. These groups can be local or cross-border. Once they are able to follow the processes described below (learn to make consensus-based decisions) they can specialise in different projects.

The idea is to create a well informed and coordinated network of working groups that are able to re-imagine and manifest an alternative system or an upgraded version of the current one.


The tools: https://seedsforchange.org.uk/
On the “Seeds of change” website one can find all the information needed in order to start participating (re-imagining the system) in a respectful, horizontal and efficient manner.


Training to be a self-organising cell into a global organism of free-spirited, independent groups and communities that want to build a new world is not an easy task. It means overriding your conditioning and possessing some of the following qualities:




Desire to give and help others

Progressive political views 

Inclusiveness / celebrating diversity

Intermediate IT skills ( in order to keep up with the demands of the online technologies)

Practising self-care and being in good mental and physical health

Environmentally aware

Vegan or vegetarian

Understanding horizontal and self-organising principles and the meaning of consensus

Fluent in English or Spanish (hopefully as the groups grow we will be able to expand the languages). 

The list is not here to limit participation but serve as a helpful description of the types of values one will need to possess in order to feel comfortable in the co-created online space. 

If you would like to build working groups and take action please send an e-mail to balkanvagabondz@systemli.org with the following details: 

  • Location
  • Expertise/skills
  • Problem or solution you would like to work on

Communication tools that we might use.

Let’s re-imagine a better world using consensus decision making!

Recommended read and watch: https://seedsforchange.org.uk/resources and Solution to Global Warming

Image credit: Polish illustrator, artist, and co-owner of Morski Studio Graficzne Igor Morski


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