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Mallorca 2020

Gift Economy Mallorca

We all live in a Gift Economy. The beauty of Mallorca is a gift, the sunshine and the clear waters of its shores are a gift. Our birth and upbringing is a gift from our parents.

The essence of the gift economy is deeper than any manufactured internal and external structure (money, religion, nationality, corporation, occupation). It is our authentic human way of being and the time to remember and live it is NOW.

If you no longer feel at home in this world it means you have lost the sense of meaning and community. Living completely immersed by the story of separation and individualism. Most of your relationships with other people are defined by money, coercion, barter and the expectation of receiving every time you give.

There is a way to break out of a permanent state of scarcity, lack, greed and fear. It is by releasing control and entering a field of giving and receiving, the most natural state of being. Be of service to others, be an instrument of unconditional love, and watch your world open and flourish through a grand unfolding of grace. Release your attachment to outcomes and dance with the whole in a vortex of virtuous loop made out of random acts of kindness that heal the planet and build a community of honorable people connected by fearless generosity. Be part of a gift culture.

We have an incredible opportunity to start changing our reality here and now on the island of Mallorca. This is an invitation to use the gift economy portal and create a community of people dedicated to serving others.

How does the Gift Economy Portal work?

In the “Community Channels” section of the portal you will see three gift channels:

1. Sharing is caring

This chat room is dedicated to people’s gifts and needs on the island of Mallorca. For example: foodshare, toolshare, liftshare, skillshare, bookshare, houseshare, freeshop, timebank and more.

2. Gift Economy News & Events

Here people can share local news and announcements that concern the community of Mallorca along with free or donation based events happening on the island.

3. Mallorca Chats

This is a general local chat for everybody who wants to make some friends or ask questions about gift economy and local community.

The channels operate outside of big surveillance capitalism platforms as those are becoming more and more controversial and in breach with basic human rights. For more information on why we have chosen Riot for online self-organising, please read “The Age of Surveillance Capitalism” by Shoshana Zyboff. or visit “Technology“.

The online channels are self-organised and certain code of conduct applies to protect users. If you have any problems and complaints feel free to e-mail the portal and we will try to resolve the issue.

The “Projects” (still in development) section hosts communities where a dedicated group of people aligned by gift economy values are focused on sustainable gift work. For example: community gardens, free schools, permaculture projects, off grid communes etc. If you are already engaged in gift work we will be more than happy to talk to you and publish your project.

The “Givers” (still in development) section of the portal is a home of individuals that have a particular gifts they would like to share with the community on more permanent basis. For example: music lessons, healing sessions, art and craft courses. To put your offerings to the community please contact the portal facilitator.

The “Experiences” section offers outdoor adventures by local guides who live in Mallorca and Bulgaria. Some of these are paid or free, others require a donation. If you are interested in any of the guiding services or you are a guide and would like to offer your tours, please contact us.

In the “Stories” section you can find blog posts from Balkan Vagabondz journey through time and space. Hope you enjoy them and if you would like to add any stories related to nature and the gift economy feel free to contact us.

Our purpose is to serve the community. We hope we will be able to translate the portal in many languages and spread the ripple effect of generosity all over the world. As part of the gift economy our work is flowing into the field of gift culture with no attachment to results. If you decide to support our values and mission please donate or contact us to discuss how you can help us continue building an authentic community.

Thank you for your time and attention. We hope to see you among us.


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