David Gambus

David Gamb├║s

Numerous dark horses roam in the climbing community, people with impressive achievements, contributing to the […]

Entrance to Cova des Coloms

“This is mine!”

This article will address the problem of private property as a violation of community rights […]

Gift Economy Mallorca

The Gift Economy Portal

We all live in a Gift Economy. The beauty of Mallorca is a gift, the […]

~ Creating Working Groups ~

What? In order to achieve any transformative goals as a community, we will need to […]

~ Re-imagining the System ~

The video above was the trigger for starting a series of blog posts that will […]

The Beat of NinGaia Festival

The first children’s environmental festival on the island of Mallorca The purpose of this article […]

By The River, Sea of Violets, Short Story,

By The River ~ Part 2

We are now on a different path which will lead us back into the town […]

By The River, Short Story

By The River

The inter-village bus is meandering along the newly renovated road. I did the trip many […]