Unplug, Scaling the grades, Balkan Vagabondz


Remember where we were? Somewhere where the spirit was limited and the body felt uncomfortable. Where […]

Scaling the grades

Let me guess, you have been introduced to climbing two or three years ago. Now […]

Rosh Li, Sunset at Monkey Temple, Hampi

Analogia Escalada

Have you been in love? OK, think again. Have you really been in love? Well, […]

Saving the Balkan Rivers, Part 2

Saving the Balkan Rivers – Part 2

In Part 1 of the interview with Rok we discussed how damaging dams can be […]

Saving the Balkan Rivers

Saving the Balkan Rivers

Recently Balkan Vagabonz’ came across a campaign that resonated with the mission of our team […]

Badami, India

Скално катерене & Ащанга йога

Йогата и катеренето безспорно имат общи елементи. Чрез примерите доказващи симбиозата между двете целя да помогна […]

Badami, India

Rock Climbing & Ashtanga Yoga

Experience has shown me the benefits of combining yoga and climbing so it is natural […]

Balkan B-Day Wish

~ Happy B-day to us! ~

It’s been one amazing year since the day the founder of Balkan Vagabondz hiked towards […]