Community Channels


Welcome to Mallorca Gift Economy communication network. To access the channels you will need to download Riot. For more information on why we have chosen this particular communication platform, please go to the Technology page.

Please when you are creating your username add your location for example: (leah-palma) to it so it is easier for people to see from which area of the island your offers and requests come from. That will help people near you take action and advance the emergence of a local community.

We are starting with three channels and hopefully as communities grow we will be adding more depending on needs.

1. Sharing is caring

This chat room is dedicated to gifts and needs on the island of Mallorca, for example: foodshare, toolshare, liftshare, skillshare, bookshare, houseshare, freeshop, timebank and more.

2. Gift Economy News & Events

Here people can share local news and announcements that concern the community of Mallorca along with free or donation based events happening on the island.

3. Mallorca Chats

This is a general local chat for everybody who wants to make some friends or ask questions about gift economy and local community.