Friends we support and care for

Here is the list with companies and organisations we support and would like to see evolving.

The BMC (The British Mountaineering Council)

As an adventure provider, Balkan Vagabondz puts a lot of effort in minimising risks and keeping its clients safe and cared for. For this reason, we have teamed up with The British Mountaineering Council to offer our customers their outstanding services.

The BMC offers insurance cover specifically tailored to the needs of travelers, hikers, rock climbers, alpinists, skiers and expedition mountaineers.

We believe that this is the most comprehensive rescue insurance for UK residents. Use this link to buy BMC insurance for your next trip.

I am now back home and very happy to be here! BMC Insurance is unbelievable and I would definitely recommend it! I was put up in the guest house as camping wasn’t so ideal, they flew me home, arranged a taxi service to my front door, they even covered the petrol costs to the airport!And to think I almost didn’t take it out…”  

Shauna Coxey commenting on her BMC insurance after breaking her leg.


Snomads Collective provides catered chalet holidays in Bansko, Bulgaria. They are super friendly, environmentally aware and creatively inclined crew from Bristol, UK whose ideas about eco tourism, eco projects and making nature accessible are aligned with those of Balkan Vagabondz. Our team loves working with them. Very happy to present them as one of the key partners we are currently engaged with.

Go Climbing

Go Climbing is a company that creates handmade climbing accessories such as: knee bars, climbing tops, dresses & hoods. It’s all made with love and quality materials in the magical land of Bulgaria. Have a look at the full range of colours and sizes on the website where you can also order online.

Just go climbing!


X – Cult was created in Bulgaria by two enthusiastic friends who love sculpture and climbing. The company offers climbing holds, volumes and also specialises in creating climbing walls. With tons of  inspiration from the outdoors and hard work indoors X -Cult delivers everything one needs for hard core training.

Climbing School Macedonia

Climbing School Macedonia was established in 2013 by Dimitar Popov, a passionate climber & climbing instructor. The school is aiming to introduce young adventure enthusiasts to climbing, develop the climbing culture and community in Macedonia and make climbing accessible to all who are interested in finding a way to bond with nature through action sports.

On the website you can find useful information related to climbing areas, courses, events, workshops and articles about climbing in Macedonia.

Sofia Green Tour

Sofia Green Tour is a project created by Factor Foundation, an NGO founded in 2009 by the eco-activist and passionate traveller and cyclist Vyacheсlav Stoyanov. The purpose of the foundation is to raise awareness about the importance of preserving nature and help people lead a healthy lifestyle.

Sofia Green Tour idea was born in 2012. Its goal was to introduce the green areas of the Bulgarian capital by providing free cycling and hiking tours for foreign guests of the city. Guided by English speaking volunteers who love sharing their local knowledge, the tours are completely free although donations are more than welcomed.

A bike rental shop (Sofia Bike Rental) is also available for people who would like to get a bike and explore the city on their own.

I Like Hammock (Айляк Хамак)

I like hammock (Айляк Хамак) is a Bulgarian company producing lightweight hammocks perfect for vagabondz who like to spend their time in the forest, hitchhike to a festival or just chill in the park with a good book or a cold beer in their hands.

The idea was born by two good friends, travel buddies, climbers and true vagabonds – Kris & Vesko. In 2011 they made their first hammock out of the need to travel light and sleep outside without having to carry heavy and bulky tents. The word about the practical hammocks quickly spread around the country and soon friends of friends were asking them to make some more! Since then the creators of I like hammock (Айляк Хамак) are working to satisfy the needs of travellers by organising events to share the hammock love and looking to improve their product in any way they can.

Both Kris & Vesko always carry a hammock in their backpacks because they love to swing between the trees while reading a book, playing guitar or drinking cold beer. (It’s not a coincidence that the hammock pocket perfectly fits two cold beers.)