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David Gambus

David Gambús

Numerous dark horses roam in the climbing community, people with impressive achievements, contributing to the […]

Alaro, Mallorca, Isles Baleares

The Beauty of Projecting

  It takes time to realise what redpointing is all about. It must be more than […]

Unplug, Scaling the grades, Balkan Vagabondz


Remember where we were? Somewhere where the spirit was limited and the body felt uncomfortable. Where […]

Scaling the grades

Let me guess, you have been introduced to climbing two or three years ago. Now […]

Rosh Li, Sunset at Monkey Temple, Hampi

Analogia Escalada

Have you been in love? OK, think again. Have you really been in love? Well, […]

Badami, India

Rock Climbing & Ashtanga Yoga

Experience has shown me the benefits of combining yoga and climbing so it is natural […]

Granite Alps, Viktor Varoshkin

Granite Alps | Part 3

written by Viktor Varoshkin translated by Balkan Vagabond Where the hell am I!? It’s dark. […]

Peuterey Integrale

Granite Alps | Part 2

written by Viktor Varoshkin, translated by Balkan Vagabondz There are certain names that echo in […]

Petites Jorasses

Granite Alps | Part 1

A team of four Bulgarian climbers recently returned from a training expedition called “Granite Alps”. It […]

Macedonian Adventures | Part 2

We are back in Mavrovo National Park famous for its lake and mountains: Šar, Korab, […]