Multi River Adventure, Struma, Bulgaria

Multi River Adventure | Struma

Our multi-adventure offer includes rafting or kayaking, zip line, and canyoning.   Participants are free to combine these activities as they wish. ~ Rafting ~ We start at the river base which is situated 130 km from Sofia. Transport can be arranged upon request. After gearing up and instructions from our guides you can begin […]

Rila & Pirin Ski Touring Adventures

You need a full on ski touring experience? Join us for a 7-day adventure of ascending and descending the unforgettable slopes of the most exciting Bulgarian mountains. We’ll travel to the best parts of Rila and Pirin & climb up or ski lift our way into the backcountry. We will make the most of the […]

Rila & Pirin Ski Touring Adventures
Rila Peaks Ski Touring Adventure, Bulgaria

Rila Peaks Ski Touring Adventure

Join us for a three day ski touring adventure in Rila Mountains. We are going to ski down from Malyovitsa (2729m) and Musala (the highest peak on the Balkan Peninsula). In order to participate in this adventure you need to be: In good physical condition Familiar with the parallel curves in different snow conditions (powder, […]

Halkidiki Cross Country Adventure

Balkan Vagabondz invites you to a mountain and coastal cross country riding in the picturesque lands of Halkidiki peninsula, Greece. The land of myth and ancient history, the birthplace of Aristotle and home of the Athos Holly Mountain monastic community is also a place of great natural beauty with its Mediterranean vegetation, olive trees and […]

Halkidiki Cross Country, MTB, Greece
The Balkan Traverse, Central Balkan National Park, Bulgaria

The Balkan Traverse Trek

Join our five-day hut-to-hut trek through the most spectacular parts of the Balkan Mountain. Called Stara Planina, or the Old Mountains, The Balkan stretches across the entire territory of Bulgaria and one can follow its main ridge from the west border to the seaside. This route is part of the international E3 long-distance trail. During […]

Rhodope Mountains Bike Tour

Enjoy an adventure that offers countless dirt roads, single tracks and tiny bits of asphalt, beautiful ascents and pure pleasure on the descents. Explore the incredible Rhodope Mountain and learn about Bulgarian nature and culture. • Distance per day: 30-50km • Elevation per day: 350–800m • Technical difficulty: moderate – off-road cycling experience required, including steep and technical […]

MTB | Bulgaria