Sa Calobra to Torrent de Pareis

Sa Calobra to Torrent de Pareis

This is a short but quite a spectacular hike that is best to undertake in the early morning. Sa Calobra and Torrent de Pareis are major attractions on the island which means it can get very busy.

Hiking to Cala Tuent Tower

Torre de Sa Mola de Tuent Explore one of the most beautiful parts of the North Coast of Mallorca by hiking to a restored watchtower. Perched 472m above Cala Tuent the place offers a magnificent 360-degree coastal and mountain views.

Cala Tuent Tower, Mallorca Hiking
Veliko Turnovo Freestyle Hiking Adventure, Bulgaria

Veliko Turnovo Freestyle Hiking Adventure

This is not your usual outdoor programme. We invite you to a true freestyle adventure in the heart of Bulgaria, Veliko Turnovo. Created by a group of free spirits with the intention to share the mystical vibes of the old Bulgarian capital, we offer our FIRST DONATION BASED adventure. That’s right, you pay according to […]

Crveni Kuk Snowshoeing Adventure

Come with us to the top of Crveni Kuk Peak (1,733m)! We start this winter trek by crossing Rakitnica River and entering Visočica Mountain on our way to Sinanovići Village (1,250m). To reach the peak we will enjoy the enchanting company of beech forests. Some rocky terrain will meet us just before we summit. Expect […]

Crveni Kuk Snowshoeing Adventure, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Trebevic Snowshoeing Adventure, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Trebevic Snowshoeing Adventure

Hike with us to Peak Trebević (1,629 m)! This snowshoeing trip offers a hassle-free escape from the intensity if Sarajevo. In our 500m ascend we will pass through thick pine and spruce forests along with fantastic views of Romanika and Bukovik Mountains. From the top, we will be able to enjoy the vast display of […]

Skakavac Waterfall Snowshoe Adventure

Are you looking for an outdoor mini-adventure near Sarajevo? We strongly recommend a winter hike to Skakavac waterfall. Our guides will lead you through the thick spruce, fir and beech forests of Bukovik mountain until you reach the breathtaking 98m Skakavac waterfall. Treat your senses with some Bosnian natural beauty, it’s worth the effort.

Skakavac Waterfall Snowshoe Adventure, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Sana's Springs Hiking Adventure, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Sana’s Springs Hiking Adventure

Let us show you the beauty and tranquillity of the picturesque Pecka valley where river Sana begins its epic journey. Hike with us to Sana’s springs and explore the pristine natural world thriving in its magical surroundings. You will be able to see many types of mushrooms, wild fruits, and medicinal plants as well as […]

Rila Lakes & Monastery Adventure

Balkan Vagabondz invites you to one of the most popular treks on the Balkan Peninsula, “The 7 Rila Lakes & Monastery Adventure”. Join us on a truly unforgettable hike in one of the most pristine mountains of the Balkan region – Rila. Explore more than 200-year-old forests with trees up to 50m. Enjoy the stunning […]

Rila Lakes & Monastery Adventure
Climbing Mount Olympus - Mitikas Peak (2918m)

Climbing Mytikas Peak, Olympus Mountains

Join us on a journey to the dwellings of the 12 Greek gods! Mount Mitikas (2918m) is the highest point of the mountain of the gods – Olympus and the second highest point on the Balkan Peninsula also known as the crown of Zeus. Visible from the beach it is an easy-to-spot line that instantly […]

The Best of Tramontana (Los Tres Miles)

Join us on a journey that will take you to the top of three of the most prominent peaks on the island – Sa Rateta (1113m), Na Franquesa (1067m), l’Ofre (1091m). All three offer astonishing views of Mallorca’s landscape and its highest peaks. Some of the highlights of this trip are 360 degrees view of the […]

Les tres miles, Mallorca