Rila Lakes & Monastery Adventure

Rila Lakes & Monastery Adventure

Balkan Vagabondz invites you to one of the most popular treks on the Balkan Peninsula, “The 7 Rila Lakes & Monastery Adventure”. Join us on truly unforgettable hike in one of the most pristine mountains of the Balkan region – Rila. Explore more than 200 year old forests with trees up to 50m. Enjoy the […]

Los tres miles de Mallorca Hike

Join us on a journey that will take you to the top of three of the highest peaks on the island – Sa Rateta (1113m), Na Franquesa (1067m), l’Ofre (1091m). All three offer astonishing views of Mallorca’s landscape. Some of the highlights of this trip are enjoying the view towards Sóller Valley and if we are […]

Les tres miles, Mallorca

Extreme Hiking | Mallorca

Balkan Vagabondz invites you to a day packed with action activities and stunning landscapes. This is not an ordinary hike! During the activity you will: Abseil and scramble while descending a spectacular dry canyon. Enjoy incredible 360 views of Mallorca’s Northern coastline. See a natural cave. Hiking is one of the most popular activities on the […]

The Balkan Traverse Trek

Join for our five-day hut-to-hut trek through the most spectacular parts of the Balkan Mountain. The name of Balkan Peninsula originates from the name of these mountains. Called Stara Planina, or the Old Mountains, The Balkan stretches across the entire territory of Bulgaria and one can follow its main ridge from the west border to […]

The Balkan Traverse, Central Balkan National Park, Bulgaria

Shara’s Beauties

Tired of the city crowd? Need some fresh air and higher perspective? This is an invitation to visit one of the most enchanting peaks of Shara Mountain – Ljuboten. Already in Skopje? You could possibly spot a perfect pyramid shaped peak? This is Ljuboten – the mystical peak that will elevate your body and soul to […]

Skopje’s Horizon

You are already in Skopje, or plan to visit Macedonia? There is much more to just visiting the capital city. Join us on a easy trek around Skopje. Explore the surrounding flora and fauna guided by locals. An easy and pleasant hiking tour “Skopje Horizon” will bring you to Krstovar peak situated on mountain Vodno […]

Matka canyon, Macedonia