Matka Canyon Hiking Tour

Matka canyon, Macedonia

You are already in Skopje, or plan to visit Macedonia? Join us on an easy trek around Skopje. Explore the surrounding natural wonders guided by locals.

A pleasant hiking tour “Skopje Horizon” will bring you to Krstovar peak situated on mountain Vodno after which you’ll enjoy the picturesque Matka canyon. The hike from Skopje to Krstovar takes approximately one hour and a half. From the peak, you’ll head towards the west side of the canyon Matka and trek for another two-three hours. While walking on top of Vodno ridge a beautiful view of Skopje, Skopska Crna Gora Mountain, and Karadzica Mountain will unfold. After reaching the peak of Kota the tour will continue down to Shishevski monastery. From the monastery, we are going to go through the canyon where you will have a choice of visiting cave Vrelo or sail with a kayak/boat.

Don’t limit yourself to the concrete and asphalt of Skopje. Join us on a breathtaking nature exploration near the city where you can enjoy fresh air and stunning views.


Matka canyon, Macedonia

Matka canyon, Macedonia

Matka canyon, Macedonia

Vrelo Cave, Macedonia

Matka canyon, Macedonia

Matka canyon, Macedonia

Matka canyon, Macedonia

Matka canyon, Macedonia

Main Itinerary
  • You’ll be picked up by a taxi from your accommodation (costs 4€ per taxi return, 1€ per person when shared with another 3 people).
  • Meet with the guide to arrange formalities and start at the base of Vodno mountain.
  • Hike to peak Krstovar.
  • Hike from peak Krstovar down to Matka canyon (Shishevski monastery).
  • Hire a kayak or a boat, visit Vrelo cave or relax and have a meal in the restaurant.
  • Return to your accommodation with a taxi.

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What to bring


  • Passport
  • Insurance Policy (recommended)
  • Pocket money

Useful items:

  • Walking poles / sticks
  • Easy-to-handle backpack
  • Headtorch
  • Sunscreen
  • Sun hat (advised)
  • Sunglasses
  • Water bottle(s)
  • Camera


  • Light rain jacket
  • 1 warm fleece / top
  • 1/2 short-sleeve shirt / top (optional)
  • Comfy approach/walking shoes / light boots
About the area

Vodno is a mountain in Macedonia. It is located in the northern part of the country, to the southwest of the capital city Skopje. The highest point of the mountain is at Krstovar peak (1066m). In 2002, on Krstovar peak the Millennium Cross was built, one of the biggest Christian Crosses in the world. Additionally the hike from Middle Vodno (557m) to the Krstovar Peak (1066m), where the Millenium Cross is located, has become a highly attractive leisure activity. Various churches, monasteries and monuments can be found on Vodno.

Matka (“womb”) is a canyon located west of Skopje. Matka is one of the most popular outdoor destinations in Macedonia and is home to several medieval monasteries. The Matka Lake within the Matka Canyon is the oldest artificial lake in the country. Located on the right bank of the Treska River, Vrelo Cave was listed as one of the top 77 natural sites in the world in the New7Wonders of Nature project. Due in large part to its proximity to Skopje, Matka Canyon is a popular destination for citizens and tourists. Kayaking and swimming on the Treska River is a popular activity. The canyon area is home to several historic churches and monasteries.

Your trip does not include
  • Insurance
  • Restaurant visit (optional)
  • Vrelo Cave entrance fee (5€)
  • Kayak/Boat rental (5€)
  • Transport (shared taxi 4€ return, 1€ per person return)
How to book your place

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