The Balkan Traverse Trek

The Balkan Traverse, Central Balkan National Park, Bulgaria

Join our five-day hut-to-hut trek through the most spectacular parts of the Balkan Mountain.

Called Stara Planina, or the Old Mountains, The Balkan stretches across the entire territory of Bulgaria and one can follow its main ridge from the west border to the seaside. This route is part of the international E3 long-distance trail. During our, trip we’ll follow the most interesting parts of it.


The Balkan Traverse, Central Balkan National Park, Bulgaria

The Balkan Traverse, Central Balkan National Park, Bulgaria

The Balkan Traverse, Central Balkan National Park, Bulgaria

The Balkan Traverse, Central Balkan National Park, Bulgaria



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  • Five days of trekking high up along the main ridge of the mountain.
  • Spending the nights in mountain huts.
  • Ascent of Mount Botev (2376 m.), the highest peak of the Balkan Mountains.
  • Visit to the highest permanent waterfall on the Balkans – the 124,5 metres high Raysko Pruskalo Waterfall.
  • Exploring the flora and fauna of the Central Balkan National Park.

~ Day 1 ~ The trek starts from the high mountain pass of Beklemeto (1520 m.) – one of the passes between Northern and Southern Bulgaria, separated by Balkan Mountains. The pass is accessible to vehicles and public transport is also available. Nearest towns are Troyan from the north and Karlovo from the south side.

Walk along the main ridge via Orlovo Gnezdo Hut and Dermenka Hut. Overnight stay in Dobrila Hut at 1790 m.

Total: 6 hours, +550/-300m

~ Day 2 ~ Next is the famous Dobrila-Botev Traverse, ascending Mount Ambaritza and Mount Kupena and finally descending to Vasil Levski Hut to where the group will spend the night.

Total: 6 hours, +600/-800m

~ Day 3 ~ Walk to Ray (Paradise) Hut (4,5 hours), located above Juzen Dzendem Reserve and visit the nearby Raysko (Paradise) Pruskalo Waterfall. Accommodation in the hut.

Total: 5,5 hours

~ Day 4 ~ Ascent of Mount Botev, via the so called Tarzan Trail and descent to Tuza Hut.

7 hours, +1000/-900m

~ Day 5 ~ Visit of several waterfalls in the area – Kademlijsko Pruskalo, Babsko Pruskalo, option to ascent Mount Triglav – the second highest in these mountains. The route follows either Rusalijski Pass, or the nearby ridge – both offer great panoramas towards the main parts of Central Balkan National Park and Juzen Dzendem Rezerve. Options to descent to Tuza Village to the south or the town of Apriltsi to the north and transfer back to Karlovo or Troyan.


Central Balkan National Park, Bulgaria

Necessity List


  • Passport
  • Insurance Policy (recommended)
  • Pocket money

Useful items:

  • Walking poles / sticks
  • Easy-to-handle backpack (35 – 45l)
  • Headtorch
  • Sunscreen
  • Sun hat (advised)
  • Sunglasses
  • Water bottle (1,5l)
  • Camera
  • Warm hat
  • Gloves
  • Personal First Aid Kit
  • Sleeping bag liner


  • Light rain & windproof jacket
  • 1 warm fleece / top
  • 1/2 short-sleeve shirt / top (optional)
  • Comfy approach/walking shoes / light boots

Balkan Vagabondz will be able to arrange transfer from Sofia to Troyan and back upon request.

Your trip does not include
  • Insurance
  • Flights
  • Transport (if not requested)
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