Vitosha Snowshoeing Adventure

Vitosha Snowshoeing, Bulgaria

Already in Sofia? Want to experience the winter mountain? Book your snowshoeing adventure with us.

The trip offers a number of possible itineraries to meet your needs and desires. You don’t need special skills for snowshoeing. It is essentially hiking in the snow supported by special equipment to help you move more efficiently.

One of the first things you notice when you visit Sofia is the majestic Vitosha mountain looking over the city. The only European capital with a 2000m+ mountain right next to it, Sofia has its private outdoor playground. Vitosha offers endless possibilities, from just enjoying the beautiful nature going on a short walk, to practising almost any extreme sport imaginable.

With the highest peak of 2290m, mount Cherni Vrah (Black Peak) makes Vitosha the 4th highest mountain in Bulgaria. With a relatively easy access thanks to a gondola lift and a few roads, Vitosha is visited by thousands of people each year. However don’t be fooled by the proximity to the capital, the mountain is famous for its strong winds and rapidly changing weather, so proper equipment, and experience is a must especially during the winter.

Explore the impressive winter landscapes of Vitosha – one of the most accessible mountains in the world.


Vitosha, Snowshoeing

Vitosha, Snowshoeing

Vitosha Snowshoeing, Bulgaria



How do we source our prices:

  1. Balkan Vagabondz receives a client request.
  2. The BV coordinator then reaches out to all the guides and guiding companies in the network to gather information on possible itineraries, availability and prices.
  3. Once we have all the options we send them to the client so he/she can select the best price, date and itinerary.

Please note negotiating prices is not always possible.

Essentially we are a price, availability and itinerary comparison site that helps people meet their adventure needs and save time along with providing extra customer service and consultation on top of the services you receive. All of this is free of charge as commission is taken from the suppliers.

Possible Itineraries
  • An ascent of the highest peak: Mount Cherni Vruh (2290 m): this route starts from Aleko Hut at 1810 m above the sea. The hut is accessible by asphalt road and by the Simeonovo gondola lift.  The ascent is generally smooth, with panoramas towards the Balkan Mountains, and finally, towards Rila Mountains to the south. The walk takes about 6h in total, with 500 m of vertical ascent and descent. It is suitable for novices, without previous experience in snowshoeing or hiking given they are using adequate equipment (described in “Necessity List”).
  • Konyarnika Locality – Mount Cherni Vruh: this is not a circular walk but one that follows the highest parts of the mountain. The starting point near Konyarnika is located at around 1700m and accessible by car. We start ascending and follow a ridge with spectacular panoramas towards Rila Mountains and the lower mountains located west of Sofia. We climb the peak for about 3 hours with 600 m of vertical gain. Descent to Aleko Hut and further down to Sofia.
  • Aleko Hut – Reznyovete Area – Zheleznitsa Village: this route is not short, but the ascent is very little. We start from Aleko Hut and follow an almost flat terrain below the impressive Reznyovete Peaks, on the edge of the forest and above Bistrishko Branishte Reserve. Descent to Akademika Hut and further to the village of Zheleznitsa. Total time of the tour: about 5h, +200/-850m.
What to bring?


  • Passport
  • Local Insurance (included)
  • Pocket money


  • Hiking boots – waterproof and warm, above the ankle, stiff sole
  • Water and windproof jacket with a hood
  • Water and windproof trousers
  • Rucksack
  • Warm hat, thin pair of winter gloves/mittens
  • Thermal underwear, light down jacket or a warm fleece
  • Sun protection – sun cream, sun glasses, sun hat
  • Snowshoes and trekking poles (included in the price)
  • Water bottle or, preferably, flask – 1/1,5l
  • Snacks, lunch pack
What is included?
  • Professional guide
  • Hiking poles
  • Snowshoes
  • Local Insurance
How to book your place?

You can simply register by using the web form on the right-hand side, e-mail, call or message us on facebook or twitter and we will contact our local guide to move forward with your booking.